Your Practice

Some days I sit down to write, and then 3, 4, or 5 blog posts will flow onto the keyboard, one after the other.

But some days, I have to write, because it’s time to publish, and not only do I have zero drafts or ideas prepared, but I’m not quite sure what I want to say.

Now, having published one blog post every day consecutively for almost 8 years (since June 7th, 2013), the latter case can, for a few moments, create a bit of tension, because I have no intention of breaking that streak.

But here’s the thing about not knowing exactly what to create, and, The Practice: it is a practice.

You have to sit down and write (or draw, paint, play, teach, coach, sell, etc.) regularly. On a schedule. Daily if possible but no matter what your schedule, it must be on schedule.

It is a commitment. You make it to yourself, and to us, because we need your gift, and we need you to keep getting better at it.

You don’t get better at it by not practicing it.

You keep it from us when you avoid practicing it.

Whatever it is that you’re here to do, it is your responsibility to do it.

Whether you feel 100% ready or not.

(Hint: no one ever feels 100% ready, not even the best professional artists you can think of.)

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