The Mind-Body Connection

Charles Hannel offers a very practical explanation of the how the mind and body are connected in Lesson 3 of The Master Key System.

It’s not overly scientific, so that anyone can read and understand it. It is eye-opening, meaning that after you read it, you’ll likely say to yourself ‘oh, I never thought about it that way before’. And finally, he offers you a direct path, through a daily practice of specific meditation, to access the power of this connection.

He wrote this book in 1910.

Of course, there have been civilizations much older than ours here in the United States that have known about this information. Yet still I find it fascinating that this little book has been around for more than one-hundred years, and today there is a bunch of ‘new’ research into this field – which is great, but at the same time, it seems like we simply have not been paying attention.

Hopefully more and more of us will continue to do so now, because the mind-body connection quite possibly the key to fixing … anything that is out of alignment in our lives.

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