You Are Potential

My first thought was that ‘all people are good’, except that is not inherently true, because the word ‘good’ is a judgement.

The moment we attempt to judge something, we put our opinion on it.

Of course the opposite is also not true; people are not bad either.

My next thought was that ‘all people are potentially good’, pointing to the notion that we are, in some way, capable of becoming whatever we want to become, and behaving as such, either for what we believe is good, or bad.

While that may be true, I think the simpler reduction is better:

“You are potential.”

Before you do anything today, or any day, that (in my opinion) is inherently true.

No matter whether you wake up inside a prison cell (real or imagined) or luxurious mansion, you are always completely full of potential.

How you manifest the rest is completely up to you.

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