The Spacious Reservoir of Silence

The other day I sat in silence and meditated for about 35 minutes after my morning physical training, and before I began the rest of my day, engaging with family & work, instead of my usual 10, 15, or 20.

There were a few (seemingly) external factors that pushed me towards the decision to increase my sit time in that moment: I’m reading The Master Key; I’m doing a quick, free core daily training with Unified Mindfulness; I’m focused on deep change this month, including slowing my heart & respiratory rates down.

Except, are those really external? Is anything completely external? Possibly not, possibly those are just external manifestations of my own internal desires, which are in turn connected to (not separate from) the universe.

And so it is quite possible that my soul was guiding me the whole time, and, I will make a point here:

There was no way I would have made it through my day, with all of my meetings, projects, and responsibilities, had I meditated for just ten minutes.

Each time a meeting, responsibility, or project came up – and they were non-stop throughout the day – I was able to tap directly back into the spacious reservoir of silence and equanimity I created earlier that morning.

That was no accident.

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