It Is Your Choice

That thing you’ve been thinking about doing, that change you’ve been thinking about making … that choice is yours to make, and no one else’s.

Yes, of course you may need to consider how it will affect the people in your circle, your loved ones. That’s part of being in a relationship.

But at the end of the day, especially when it comes to personal development and growth, which sometimes scares the people around you, even the ones who love you the most, the choice has to be yours.

Because some people are going to say ‘no’. They’re going to tell you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t – reasons that are often their own fears or issues..

Some people are going to tell you that you’re crazy, or that you’re going to fail, or that this is really stupid.

But if you can hear them, understand them, and still feel in your heart that this is a choice you need to make, then remember: it is your choice, not theirs.

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