It’s Not You Versus ‘Not You’

Every single time you breathe, you breathe the universe in and out.

This isn’t ‘woo-woo hippie philosophical mumbo-jumbo’.

It’s the plain truth.

You are not separate from the universe, you are made up of it; you are it.

If you prefer to believe that you are somehow separate, that your ‘bag of skin’ (as Alan Watts liked to call it) is a self-containing, independently operating unit, that’s completely fine. I won’t try to convince you otherwise.

But I know that even though I do have a body, and a mind, I am here because of a much larger process, and that the boundaries between myself and the rest of the universe are not bold, black & white lines.

They are soft, changing, and permeable.

And so not only does what I breathe in matter, but also what I breathe out.

Not only do the emotions I experience internally matter, but so do the feelings and thoughts which I project out – very much.

They have the power to manifest change.

The only question is, will that be for better, or for worse?

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