Uncharted Waters

The notion of exploring uncharted waters has been told to us in stories for thousands of years, in classic literature such as the Odyssey, Tales from the Thousand and One Nights, Moby Dick, and many more … and then retold again and again in movies and television shows, such as Gilligan’s Island or The Perfect Storm, just to name a few.

There are countless examples.

What is it about the notion of exploring uncharted waters that fascinates us?

And where are the uncharted waters today, in 2021, now that we’ve mapped the entire globe, and blanketed it with GPS so precise that if I chose to, I could see a street level view of just about any place on Earth on the advanced computer I carry in my pocket, at any time?

Some will point to space, and I won’t argue that.

But I say that the most important uncharted waters we must explore are within ourselves.

We must look in the mirror, and see that we are nothing more than a mirror of the universe, and that what we put into it matters.

We must face our fears and our faults, and tear down the walls and facades we have invented that feel ‘safe’.

Exploring yourself and what your soul really is takes spiritual courage.

And that is exactly what we need to steer the ship of humanity back on course.

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