Grounding Your Self

I know that many people, perhaps even you, check their emails, text messages, network news, social feeds, and various other sources of external, inbound information first thing in the morning. I’ve done it myself many times, and, sometimes, I still peek. But these days I make it an intentional point not to communicate with anyoneContinue reading “Grounding Your Self”

Have Fun, But Not Too Often (For You).

You won’t eat an optimally balanced set of foods every day. As an example, an optimally balanced set of foods for me is: approximately 1,800 calories, with about 40% coming from lean proteins, 40% from vegetables, and 20% from healthy fats. Plus eighty ounces of water. Approximately. Within the vegetables, I sometimes include grains, butContinue reading “Have Fun, But Not Too Often (For You).”

Completely Connected

With each breath that you take, you can observe the connection of your subconscious to your conscious, and the connection of the ‘external’ world (the air) to the internal one (your body), and see that there are no clear boundaries separating any of those, because they are not completely separate. It’s quite a miracle. InContinue reading “Completely Connected”