If there’s no finish line, what is there?

There is no finish line to cross, no podium to stand on, or particular moment in time at which you will be ‘done getting healthy’, or at which you will have ‘achieved a state of optimal health from which there can be no further improvements’.

What there is is the journey.

Along that journey, there will be ups & downs. There will be transformation. There will be milestones. There will be pain and growth. (In fact, when ‘The Pain Teacher’ comes, she is coming to help you grow.)

And there will also be stages. You will cross into stages of development at which you start to feel better and better, and then those habits which got you there become second nature, and so you continue to seek out more.

And there is always more to learn and more room to grow. The process itself does become easier and self-fueling.

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