Your Happy Weight

Every morning, I weigh myself on a digital body fat scale.

I do that in order to keep an eye on my body weight, fat, and water; to make sure that what I’ve eaten over the past day or two has not disrupted my weight in an undesirable direction.

But, does it make me happy when I see it stay the same, or, unhappy when it goes up?

No. I refuse to define my happiness in terms of my numerical weight on the scale, and I strongly recommend that you consider the same thing. Here’s why:

True happiness can only come from inside of you, not from me, nor a scale, not even from anyone else.

And so yes, seeing my weight go up (expectedly or unexpectedly) might be temporarily disappointing, but that’s it. Feel the disappointment for a moment. Let it fully sink in. That’s important motivation; fuel for the fire.

Then burn that into positive action and awareness.

I work on my habits and practices every day, diligently, including everything that I cook and eat.

I work on my habits and practices in order to be my best self.

I do not work on myself.

The language is very important here. The way you speak to yourself truly matters.

You are not working on your self.

There was nothing was broken about you in the first place.

It has always been that way, from the very beginning.

It cannot be any other way. You are perfect just the way you are.

It’s only that sometimes, we forget that, or we engage in habits that detract from that.

But at your core, you are most definitely perfect, whole, and beautiful.

And thus, you should never tie all of your happiness directly to your weight.

Instead, weigh yourself regularly, work on it if needed, and let your happiness be more connected to the work and effort you’re putting in to make the changes that you desire to make.

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