I don’t mess around with my breakfast. It’s a serious part of the day for me.

It’s not always at the same time, composed of the same foods, and I do sometimes skip it.

But generally speaking, when I’m having breakfast, or perhaps better to call it ‘my first meal of the day’, I am intently focused on what I am about to cook, put on my plate, and eat.

On a nutritional level, the first food of the day sets the tone for what my body needs to thrive.

On a mental level, it’s important to take a break from work, stop, and make the time to cook a hearty meal.

On an emotional level, this is a form of self-love, which is not selfish. In fact, you can only love others to the degree that you are capable of loving yourself.

On a spiritual level, it’s important that I walk the walk I talk about, setting a good example for my family, friends, and clients, and also making choices that are good for the planet, and aligned with my life’s calling and mission.

Care to join me?

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