“Breathe, Feel, Care.”


Bring yourself back to now. Come back from that version of the future that hasn’t happened yet (and probably won’t), or from that event in the past that you’re reliving (again).


Feel whatever it is you’re feeling deeply and wholly, somatically (in your body), which you can only do by being here now. Soak in it. Feel it all the way. Do not resist. Let it envelope you. Focus on it.

(Rather quickly, you will see that the feeling shifts, and that deeper, truer feelings like underneath those on the surface.)


Care for yourself, knowing that it is OK to feel this way. Care for those you love, knowing that they feel too. We all feel scared, angry, and hurt at times. Authentic care comes from recognizing this.

Thanks to Tara Brach for this.

Guided meditations here.

Book here.

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