Why Not An ‘Undo’ List?

An Undo List isn’t really a list at all, so, don’t write one down.

I keep many lists, and, I’m not discarding them. I need them to stay organized and prioritized.

But sometimes, those ‘To Do’ Lists can grow so long that they are simply overwhelming and, quite frankly, impossible to complete, as more is always inbound.

And so, if you find yourself in that position, try working with an Undo List for a day.

How? What is it?

Well, I haven’t quite refined the concept yet, but I have tested it out successfully a few times.

It’s simple. Ask yourself:

“What can I Undo today? What can I delegate off my list, or even ignore completely, because it’s simply just not that important? What can I say ‘no’ to? How few (but important) things can I do well today?

Even better:

“What can I prevent from continuously appearing on my list that doesn’t need to? What system or process can I fix?”

There’s always something you can undo that’s been tying you up in knots.

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