You Wanted To Be Here

I find it a healthy practice to do your best to stay right where you are, as often as possible.

If you do this, you’ll quickly become aware of how often you drift away into thoughts of being somewhere else ..

… taking care of things that have to be done soon …

… reminiscing about events, people, or places from your past …

… dreaming about things you wish you were doing instead …

… the list goes on.

Except the truth is that you are always right here, right now, and that right here and now is exactly where you chose to be.

Whether that choice was made actively or passively, consciously or subconsciously, affirmatively or negatively, or by doing nothing at all, it was a choice.

(Some might argue that even your very birth into this universe at exactly this moment, in exactly this time and place, falls into this bucket of choice as well.)

You wanted this, one way or another.

Try to see why.

You might even enjoy it a bit more.

Perhaps even a lot more.

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