I eat … whatever I want.

I eat whatever I want.

I’m 5′ 10″ tall, 158 pounds, about 7% body fat. I’m strong, fast, flexible, and happy with my body weight, shape, and appearance.

And, I eat anything that I want to.

Any food, any quantity, any drink, including alcohol.

Of course, not without consquence.

In fact the reason I can so confidently eat whatever I want today is that I have taken such a deep dive into studying the consequences of how what I put into my body affects me, personally, for the past fifteen years.

As such, I know that when I eat a pizza, I will gain 2 pounds immediately, and I also know how long it will take me to burn that off, and reset my system, and what I need to do in order to achieve that.

Similarly I know exactly how long my recovery will be affected after a night of moderate drinking. (Three to four days.)

Armed with that knowledge, I truly know what the risks and rewards are – for me – with regards to any dietary choice.

That’s how I know what I really want.

I don’t really want to eat pizza and drink often, because it will mess me up, quite a bit.

What I really want is to stay in balance, which overrides most temporary urges for other things.

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