You Never Know About Mondays

I always have my training schedule for the week to come planned out ahead of time.

(If you don’t, then you don’t have a training plan, which means you’re probably not training for anything, or making steady progress. That’s called simply ‘going to the gym‘.)

For me, that typically looks like: three days of heavy training + mobility + yoga, and then either six or seven days of mobility + yoga, with one day of sport if possible.

Now, with that said, I typically like to space those three heavy days out, usually on Monday, then Wednesday, then Friday.

Now, with all of that said, I additionally will regularly push the Monday session ‘up’, ahead to earlier in the week, to either Sunday or even Saturday.


Because you never know what’s going to happen on Monday.

Don’t wait.

You might have a sick kid, or a fight with your wife, or a huge project to deal with at work.

Life isn’t waiting for you.

Get ahead of it.

Even if I get all three of my ‘heavy’ sessions in well before the week is over, so what?

I can ease back and recover more, or, if I’m feeling good, I can add an extra heavy day.

Waiting leaves you stuck.

Moving forward (with a plan) leaves you with options.

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