Some Perspective on Carbs

When I was young, I grew up on bread & pasta. Especially the highly refined kinds made from processed white flours.

I could eat eight slices of pizza at 13. I would easily finish 1 or 2 whole baskets of free garlic knots before eating dinner at an Italian restaurant. If my mother made pasta for dinner, I would eat any left remaining cold and dry right out of the colander in the sink.

On top of that, I never gained weight. I was always lean.

I remember my parents & grandparents saying things such as “he’s got a fast metabolism”, which only reinforced that I could and should keep eating this way.

In college it caught up with me. I went into my overweight, sedentary phase which eventually led to a very unhealthy, dangerous place.

The truth of the matter is that that style of eating was making me very sick all along, little by little, day by day. It just took 20 years to surface.

And that’s how it goes: very slowly.

The great news is that you can reverse all of those negative effects. You can get younger. You can retrain the way you think, feel about, and metabolize food.

When you take all of that gluten, refined sugar, and processed flours out of your cells for a little while, you can reset your body’s metablolism.

Of course, a little bit of physical & emotional ‘withdrawal’ will happen.

You’ll essentially be undoing years of eating too much of all of that stuff.

But your body doesn’t need years to recalibrate. It just needs a few weeks or months.

At the other side, after resetting, you will be able to eat carbs again.

You won’t need as many ounces. You’ll be able to enjoy them regularly without going overboard, and without your body turning the extra sugars into fat.

You can learn more about a great program for this here.

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