Whatever You Choose To Make Of It

I seriously look forward to the freshly ground, slowly poured-over, stirred with grass-fed butter and mushroom powder, organic, fair-trade, single-source cup of coffee that I make every morning.

So you can imagine that I was frustrated the other day, when my food delivery contained the wrong item – beans previously ground to the wrong thickness – and I had already opened it, with no other beans on hand.

It took me a pouring or two to get the timing, water, & coffee ratios correct.

As a result, until I finish this bag, every time I make my morning coffee, it will take a few minutes longer than before.

This is interesting because brewing my coffee tends to be the last thing I do before I sit down to begin work, or head into a meeting.

This small, seemingly insignificant mistake that an innocent Amazon shopper made could lead to … my whole day being altered. My morning routine, while flexible, is pretty precise.

I quickly realized something, however.

This (as anything else) could be treated as an annoyance, or an opportunity.

So I need to plan for five whole extra minutes or more every time I want a coffee?

Boo-hoo. Get up earlier.

Not only that, why can’t it be five extra minutes of peace and relaxation?

Of not rushing?

Of breathing, and doing less, not more?

It can. As with everything else, it can be whatever you make of it.

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