How Do You ‘Train Your Mind?’

What does it mean to ‘train your mind’?

Well, from a physical training standpoint, when you train something such as a push-up plank hold, or a frog or head stand hold, for as long as you possibly can, it’s all about your mental approach.

You can approach it with the more common ‘get after it as hard and fast as possible’ approach; you can breathe shallow, tense up, and push your muscles to the limit.

That’s one possible approach.

Or, you can approach it with the far less common:

“I am going to relax into this position for as long as I possibly can. I am going to breathe as slowly as possible. I might even count my breaths against a timer to see if I can breathe less often than the last time I tried this.

I’m going to keep my muscles firm and strong, yes, but I won’t really be paying much attention to them. They’re not what’s limiting me.

The only thing that’s limiting me is the loss of focus; the allowance of my mind to let me stop.

If my mind stays focused, I can hold this position … almost indefinitely.”

That’s how you train your mind.

Here’s where you can learn more.

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