Drawing Imaginary Lines

If you pour yourself a glass of milk, when does the pouring begin?

When you lift the milk container? When you open the fridge? Or perhaps when the desire for a glass of milk first arose?

It’s probably easiest to say that the pouring is only occurring while milk is flowing, and that the other things are other things, such as ‘thinking about pouring’ or ‘preparing to pour’.

But this post isn’t about pouring milk.

We have a tendency to segment our lives into parts, in many ways, long and short.

We draw lines, and see these parts as separate and disconnected.

For example:

  • Work and not work
  • Before school and after school
  • Before and after marriage or children
  • This 10:30 meeting
  • When I was young

I could go on infinitely.

These lines do serve a functional purpose in conversations and for making references.

But the reality is that they are imaginary lines. They do not exist.

Just like an inch or an hour, you cannot pick one up, or touch one.

Your life is connected, it is one long (perhaps even infinite) flow of energy and emotion.

Drawing lines between things is great, as long as you don’t forget that you are the one doing the drawing.

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