Your Heart’s Shadow

When you grow, negative forces that might hinder your growth sometimes begin to appear, or even grow stronger, as you do.

Everything casts a shadow, and, your heart is no different.

You might say that the bigger your heart is, the bigger the shadow it casts.

Except I’m talking about your Shadow with a capital ‘S’. Not your physical shadow.

The Shadow does not announce him or herself when she comes. She simply arrives, and wedges herself into the flow of your day, in many different forms.

It can be difficult to spot her at first.

She might take the form of anger, fear, avoidance, or jealousy.

The Shadows of others may come out to, because they sense your progress, and it bothers them.

Be mindful, be vigilant of your own Shadow, and the Shadows of others.

You can turn their own power around against them, because while they can derail you, if you allow them to, they are also signals that you are moving in the right direction.

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