The Myth of ‘Finishing’

I often remind myself that ‘finishing everything’ is a myth.

I’ve had long lists and short lists. Difficult lists, complex lists, and simple lists.

I’ve allowed my email box to overflow, and also had periods where I intentionally keep it down to zero.

Just like you, I’ve got multiple jobs and responsibilities to tend to.

The myth is that there will be some point at which you have ‘nothing to do’.

The reality is that your lists & responsibilities will always have more incoming, more being added to them, no matter what you do.

What you can do is master how you choose to deal with what’s inbound, which might include not dealing with some, via delegation or deletion for example.

Now, I’m not saying that I have mastered this yet. But here is a good place to consider starting from:

Rather than trying or rushing to ‘finish everything’, which is impossible, instead, make a choice.

Choose the most important things, one at a time

Make each choice deliberately, thoughtfully, and in alignment with your core values & goals.

Of course, you’ll need to take a few moments to get clear on what your core values and goals are first, but it’s well worth your time and energy to do so.

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