Opening Up Creativity

I have a quite extensive morning practice designed to get my mind, body, & spirit in the right place for the rest of the day.

It’s always evolving, meaning that I occasionally add, edit, or remove things.

At the end of a good round of practice, I feel full of vitality. I can feel energy moving up and down my spine, or perhaps glowing from my heart.

And so the question then is, once I have harnessed, or, tapped into all of this energy, what will I choose to do with it?

All these hours, months, and years of continuous refinement of my morning practice is great, but if that energy is wasted on negativity, or administrative work, or stagnant projects, then, what’s the point?

But don’t worry, there is a point, for you as well.

The two things go hand in hand.

Unlocking your vitality leads to the desire to break free of anything stagnant or neutral, and to engage directly into things which are creative and growth-oriented.

The more you open yourself up to this, the more the universe opens itself up to you.

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