How To Make Bone Broth

Save ‘Scraps’

What most people throw away as animal and vegetable ‘scraps’ will now become your body’s gold. Freeze chicken bones, carrot tops, celery trimmings, kale stems … just about anything.

Fill a Big Pot

Typically 1-2 gallon-sized bags of scraps get dumped straight out of the freezer into my 8-quart pot. Then I fill it up with water, just enough to cover all, leaving perhaps an inch of room. I add a few pinches of salt, just because I add a pinch of salt to everything, and a few bay leaves.

Low & Slow

Bring to a boil with cover off (that will take about twenty minutes to happen), then cover and turn the heat down to low. You’ll want it to be simmering, so, adjust depending on your stove.

Leave that going for about six hours. I’ve left it on for eight or more; nothing bad happens. Is it possible that it could be done in four? Maybe. I like to let it go longer. (Beef bones should go ten or twelve hours.)

Strain & Pack

A Chef-Friend of mine once explained to me that you should not let hot foods sit around on the counter to cool down for a long time, because that’s when bad bacteria can form.

You’ll either want to pack it up right away while it’s hot, or put the entire hot pot into the fridge on a towel, and let it cool down there (safely).

Either way, pass everything through a fine strainer or sieve. I do it right into the small & medium-sized glass &/or tupperware that I’m using.

Put some in the fridge for use in the first week; freeze the rest.

Plus always, always, strain yourself 1 hot cup to enjoy fresh.

For more check out this post.

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