The Power Inside Of You

Osho tells us to ‘breath in all the world’s suffering, and breath all of your compassion out into the world’, paraphrased, from The Book of Wisdom.

It’s far more common to hear that the other way around, or at least, that’s what I hear in various meditation apps. Mindfulness teachers will advise you to breath out all of your own suffering, and, breathe in energies of love and compassion.

So, what’s up with Osho? What does he mean?

Well, here’s the thing: the heart, your heart, your essence, has the power to transform dark energy into light, anger into forgiveness, and hatred into love.

You have that power. It’s not outside of you. It’s inside of you.

You have the power to do this not just for you, but, for everyone.

Try it the next time you meditate. You’ll see 🙂

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