A state of being which you could spend your entire lifetime exploring.

How often are you fully aware, fully present in this moment?

For a few seconds each day? Less?

Perhaps more if you make a regular practice of staying in it, but still, even then, no doubt that unless your name is Buddha, your ego intervenes. You become lost in thoughts, in dreams, in fantasies about the future, or mental movies about the past.

I’m not even sure how close I have come being fully aware, because I know enough to know that I might not yet know what that feels like.

For example, at times I am able to drop my own mind, and become highly aware of the world around me, and myself, and other who I might even be interacting with at that moment, and step into this ‘observer-participant’ state.

But even in those moments, am I fully aware as one can be?

I’m not sure, but, they certainly are different than when I am not, than when I am lost inside my own head.

Having had a taste of what’s outside my own head, I can also tell you that it is delightful and, all I want to do is practice being in that state more.

It’s highly unlikely that when your awareness is heightened, that you will suffer as much as usual. It is also highly like that you will be able to connect with those you love more deeply.

So, forgive my ramble, but, if you’ve read this far, then, for just those two reasons alone, consider meditating on awareness.

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