Levels of Awareness

Yesterday I talked about three different kinds of awareness; physical, mental, and emotional.

Going a bit deeper, within each one, there are layers.

Many layers.

Perhaps infinite layers.

For example, if you simply close your eyes and listen, for sounds, you’ll hear – even in what you thought was a quiet space – many sounds, coming in and out, from many different places.

And you’ll also likely find that it is not so easy to pay attention to any one particular sound for a very long time.

This extends to all facets of awareness, or, life, not just sound.

It, unless you are a Buddha, it not possible to be completely and wholly aware of at all times.

Through daily practice, however, what you will find is that your range of awareness will greatly increase, and you will gain the ability to be fully aware of much more than you were previously, including what is happening both internally, and externally.

If in fact those are separate.

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