Comfort Zones

Things that are different, new, or uncertain, are scary.

If not to you, then, they may be to others around you.

In fact some people will even try to hold you back from moving forward, because it’s very scary to them that they could actually follow you, and leave their own comfort zones.

It’s helpful to recognize this, and, not to be angry at people who are scared, because, they’re simply scared. They’re probably not really angry at you.

It’s also helpful to surround yourself with as many people as possible who encourage and support you regularly breaking free of your own comfort zones, safely. Of course, you’ll do the same thing for them.

And, with that last thought comes its complement: that you should keep moving forward, even if it means leaving others who do not approve behind.

That doesn’t mean you won’t help them.

It just means that you’re not going to stop, or be stuck.

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