The Absence of Vitality

I do not fear death.

Were I to die today, I would not be able to say that I have completely fulfilled my purpose during this particular turn here on Earth, yet. And while I have made plenty of mistakes, I would be able to say that I left this Earth slightly better than when I came into it.

I do not desire death.

I crave life. I have much more to give it, and as I’ve said many times before, I want to be here at long as possible. Therefore I do not put myself in ridiculously dangerous situations, for example.

I do sense that many of us walk around with one, or both, of these feelings; either in fear for, or even hoping for the end of, their life.

The former, the fear of death, is of course something we all must face, one way or another.

The latter, the desire for the end of life, can be a bit more subconscious. In fact not to crave life, or, the absence of vitality, is perhaps a better way to see it.

Just because you don’t have an overt death wish does not mean that your daily choices, your general apathy, isn’t a sign of something deeper, something that needs exploring.

If you don’t really care about sticking around, you need to ask yourself ‘why’.

Chances are good that you do, and perhaps there’s just something that needs mending.

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