The Core Of Your Being

As Osho points out, this is the order of how you (or, how things) progress:

  1. Being
  2. Feeling
  3. Thinking
  4. Doing (or, Action)

So, going in reverse, when you Do something, prior to actually doing it, there was a thought. A thought is clearer & more concrete than a feeling.

Prior to the thought, there was a feeling. Feelings arise a bit more subtly; they can be identified, but they are a bit harder to become aware of, or describe in words.

Prior to your feelings, which are always arising and disappearing, there is your being; your true self, your natural, undisturbed state.

And so it isn’t that a Buddha, a Jesus, a Zen Master, or other enlightened person doesn’t have any feelings.

The do get angry, sad, happy, and so forth.

However, the more enlightened you are, the more you become aware of things before they progress into the latter stages, which means that, with practice

At first, you begin to notice, and prevent, undesirable actions.

Then you begin to notice and quickly let pass undesirable thoughts.

Finally, you become aware of all feelings, letting them arise and go, without letting them do anything more, such as become thoughts.

Once you are there, then, you are at the core of your being.

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