The Gifts Life Gives

I’ve stated before that everything is a gift. It’s worth repeating, and examining further.

Firstly, how could it possibly be any other way?

It cannot, because everything you experience is contained in what we call life.

And so it follows that life is either a gift, or not. And if it is not, then, well, you might as well just go ahead and stop living.

Many people do this, both passively, and actively.

Of course, that is not what I am suggesting you do at all.

In fact it’s quite the opposite.

Life, and everything that can possibly be contained in the experience of it – including all things horrible, painful, and death – is a gift.

And so it follows that your task, while you are here, is to harvest as much as you can out of it.

All of it.

The trick is that, of course, life is by no means always easy, nor is the gift obvious in every moment. In many cases, it will take time, perhaps even years, to fully realize what you have been gifted from a particular life event.

I can look back now at the time in my life when I was at my most unhealthy state, which I’ve written about many times before. During this time, approximately twenty years ago, I felt as horrible as a person could possibly feel. In fact I believed the very opposite of what I am proposing to you here today: that life was not a gift, and that I should not go on living it.

I was wrong.

And in the years since then, everything that has followed from that period continues to help me grow.

It is from these life events, these which we think are ‘the worst’, that we are gifted ‘the best’.

In fact there is no word that I am aware of in the English language that can describe this, this being ‘both the worst and the best at the same time’, so I will just hyphenate that notion here and call it: ‘worst-best’.

That was the worst-best time of my life.

The gifts of life do not always come wrapped in a pretty bow.

You will only find out what’s inside if you unwrap every layer.

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