There are some days during which everything seems upside-down. Nothing goes as you planned or expected. Those days are some of my favorite learning experiences. The ability to adapt, go with the flow, surrender to what you cannot control, and redirect what you can, including your mindset, is crucial.

Levels of Awareness

Yesterday I talked about three different kinds of awareness; physical, mental, and emotional. Going a bit deeper, within each one, there are layers. Many layers. Perhaps infinite layers. For example, if you simply close your eyes and listen, for sounds, you’ll hear – even in what you thought was a quiet space – many sounds,Continue reading “Levels of Awareness”

3 Kinds of Awareness

There is physical awareness, the awareness of the body, of sensation. The better you take care of your body through proper diet, exercise, and recovery, the deeper you will be able to tap into your physical senses, and your energy. There is mental awareness, the awareness of dropping the mind, of not letting thoughts blockContinue reading “3 Kinds of Awareness”