A Day For Recovery

Sometimes, in order to restore & recover your mind, body, & spirit, you need to dedicate a whole day (or perhaps even more) to … restoring and recovering your mind, body, & spirit.

The question is less about ‘how’ to do that, although I will share a few tips, and more about ‘if’ you will actually have the awareness, and invest the time, to do so?

Or, will you keep moving forward at the same pace which brought you here, and ignore what your body is telling you?

A day of recovery might include some or all of the following …

  • Sleeping without interruption by alarm clock;
  • Napping;
  • Skipping your traditional workout, or replacing it with a more restorative one;
  • Extra meditation;
  • Adjusted eating, hydration, and supplementation;
  • Taking a day off of work, or, completely readjusting what is on your plate for the day;
  • Engaging with certain people that might be uplifting emotionally (and it’s opposite) …

… to name a few.

When is the last time you made a day for recovery?

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