The Wisdom of Uncertainty

Wisdom is, wisdom means, uncertainty.

If you prefer certainty, if you seek to acquire more knowledge, if you must always have the answer, then you will become more and more intelligent, but you will not become wiser.

I’m no sage, nor do I suppose myself to be particularly wise, but one thing I do know is that I don’t know very many things with certainty at all, and, the more that I learn, the less I know.

Everything is changing, all the time. How could it possible be any other way?

You must always be re-evaluating, reconsidering, and open to all positions.

The moment that you close yourself to possibility, while you may sound very smart, practically speaking, you have put yourself into a box.

Get comfortable with admitting what you don’t know.

You’ll find yourself to be much more confident in what you do.

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