The Muse Is Calling You

An idea, a vision of something which you can create, often ‘arrives’ complete, in a brief moment.

Perhaps it’s not fully clear and detailed, down to final blueprint or spec, but you can see how it’s going to look, read, or sound.

It vanishes back into the ether when you choose not to act on it.

For example, my usual method of being creative is writing. I sometimes do Morning Pages, especially when I remember a dream. But if I don’t write out the dream very soon after waking, or at least jot down the key elements, I won’t be able to access it later in the day.

Similarly I will often get an idea for a blog post – a whole blog post, one that might become 500 or 1,000 words – randomly throughout the day. If I don’t at least jot down a few notes, it may not ‘come back’.

I’ve surrounds the phrases ‘arrive’ and ‘come back’ because it may be true that these creative visions never really ‘go’ anywhere; that they in fact are always there, waiting for us to become aware of them.

Either way, that awareness is difficult to grasp hold of.

This is why it’s very important to schedule time (in your own way) to be creative.

You must actually sit down and do the work that the Muse is calling you to do.

And, carry around a pen and paper at all time 🙂

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