Someone Else’s Shoes

You can never actually be in someone else’s shoes, because they are someone else’s.

In fact, by definition, even though we are all connected and part of the same universe, the same system, the same Source, the same humanity, at the same time we are also unique.

This is the beautiful paradox that we find ourselves in. It is only when we identify too strongly with one or the other (usually we err on the side of the Ego), that we get into trouble.

And so when we say ‘someone else’s shoes’, we are referring to their individual experience here on Earth, their particular state of being right now; not the greater whole.

And because those shoes are their shoes, even if we are in very, very similar shoes, they will never be the same.

We will never see the world completely through their eyes. At least, not while we are also inside our own eyes.

But, we can make a great and powerful effort to get as close as possible to understanding their position.

And perhaps more importantly, even if we cannot understand it to any degree, we can accept it.

We must accept it.

It is then – when we deny it, it being ‘their shoes’, or, their position – then we also deny ourselves.

Because, as I pointed out in the beginning, they are also a part of us, just as we are a part of them.

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