I love reading books in the ‘self-improvement’ genre. Depending on how you define that, I’ve got perhaps one-hundred or more on my bookshelf.

This past week was the first time I can recall that I started one, a highly recommended one, that I simply could not get into, and had to stop and move on to a different book.

The book was “The Art Of Possibility” by Benjamin & Rosamund Zander which, by all accounts, is right up my alley. I walk and talk about ‘what is possible’ all day long, in my personal life, career, and everywhere else.

So the strange fact that I couldn’t connect with it then, I believe, is no indication of anything at all about the book itself, other than what it could offer me in that moment.

You see, sometimes it’s just not the right time. For a book, for a conversation, for a certain kind of food … etc.

Sometimes you need to recognize that, and revisit it later.

We’re constantly presented with all sorts of opportunities: new books to read, new videos to watch, new friends to make, new stocks to buy, new business ventures … the list goes on.

Some are easy to ‘put down’ and pass on; others, not so much. Some are even insidiously addictive by design.

Except, before all of that, before we had tens of thousands of things to choose from each day; beyond all of that, nature was here first.

And there is definitely a natural rhythm to the universe, and subsequently, to your life.

If you pay attention to it, it’s like a dance, and you can follow along without stepping too far out of line.

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