There Is More Than Enough

Most people would say that I’m a pretty generous guy. (I think.) I’m usually giving away as much as possible.

But even for me, it’s sometimes difficult to escape the societal and cultural roots which have framed my (and likely your) upbringing.

For example, the idea that everything is a competition. (Like, everything; not just sports, but where you go to school, work, live, etc.)

This finite framework pervades and informs everything we do, even when we’re not consciously thinking about it.

As with most things that need reframing, the first step to doing so is to become aware.

Can you notice, before you being anything (a task, a conversation, your day at work):

Am I approaching this as is there’s not enough?

Instead, could it be the case, could it be approached as if there’s way more than enough? Perhaps even an infinite amount of what’s needed?

The idea that there might be an infinite amount of time, love, energy, and/or money seems far-fetched at first.

But it might be true.

There is enough time. There is enough money. There is enough love.

There is more than enough.

You simply have to see it first, before you can tap into it.

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