The Big Joke

There’s definitely some stuff that gets my blood boiling. I haven’t reached a perpetual state of enlightenment, yet.

Yet the more I take time to practice stillness, to observe myself and the world around me (or, the world of which we are all part of), the more that things which used to have me banging my desk have my chuckling at the universe’s sense of humor.

Nature, she’s pretty funny to. She brings you exactly what you need, with just the right delivery too. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes, it’s not.

She’ll make sure that when you’re just about finished, you’re not, and there’s much more to go.

Or that when you thought you couldn’t juggle one more ball, six get thrown at you, and the phone rings.

Really, the big joke is on you, if you believe you’re the one in control.

You control what you do, but, not what happens next.

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