Always Be A Beginner

According to the stats in my Calm profile, I’ve logged over 1,000 meditation sessions; about 200 hours of total meditation. I have been meditating almost daily for about three years; not every session has been logged in this particular app.

Just a few weeks about, I went back and re-did three of their most basic beginner courses; a seven-day introduction to meditation, a 21-day follow up, and another 30-day ‘how to meditate’ course by a guest instructor.

It’s important to always be a beginner, to always be strengthening yourself in the basis, the foundations, of any practice, whether it be meditation, physical, professional, or otherwise.

The moment that you assume you know it all is the same moment that you become lost, and stray from the path of improvement.

Doing those courses again was a refreshing reminder, and while I didn’t necessarily ‘need’ instruction in every single area, I learned plenty, and was able to apply it to life outside of practice right away.

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