What Works For You?

I don’t think I’ve ever told a client that there’s a certain food they cannot eat, or should never eat.

The question really isn’t “Is/are [cookies, celery, chicken, cabbage, corn] good or bad?”

The question is “how do you feel and perform after eating [them]?'”

If you reduce that mindset shift down even further, what I am saying is that fundamentally, you do not need me to tell you what to eat.

You need to rediscover how to find balance on your own, and how to tap into the natural wisdom that your body already possesses.

There is no Coach, Doctor, book, peer-reviewed journal, or social media trend that can do that for you.

There are various methods, tools, skills, practices, etc. that will help you get there.

But the goal should be to get to a place where you can always learn something from what others say, but in practice, you only apply what works for you.

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