Crafty Lizard

Another weapon that I use against my lizard brain is laughter.

He’s creative, I’ll give him that.

It’s almost as if he’s out of work, standing on the corner, street performing for attention. There are no lions chasing me, and he’s evolved to monitor lions (threats). He specializes in conjuring up unrealistic scenarios that involve harmful conflict, negative outcomes, and imminent death.

Scenarios that, if I choose to believe are possible, would lead me to act out of fear or anger.

But I know better. I’ve been practicing. I am aware.

The moment I notice a horror movie playing out inside my head, I know my lizard brain is the writer, producer, and director, and that it’s just that: nothing more than a movie. Freddie Kruger is scary, but he’s not real.

So I laugh. “Good one Lizard! You almost got me that time.”


Then I move on, acting from a position of Love, and awareness.

I started today’s post referencing another recent post about my lizard brain, which you can check out here.

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