My Lizard Brain

Yesterday my lizard brain almost beat me.

It started early in the morning ‘when nothing went as planned’.

That phrase would more appropriately be worded ‘when nothing went as expected‘, because plans change. Perhaps that was my first step into the lizard’s trap.

I was hoping to do A, B, & C; instead, D, E, & F happened.

At first my lizard brain was only mildly active. Typically I’m pretty good at ignoring him.

He started by saying things like “This is not a good morning“, over and over again.

Of course, that’s occurring inside my larger brain, where my lizard brain resides.

And of course, that’s not true; that’s one of his tricks. It’s easy to believe, it’s easy to agree that it’s true. But once you do that (agree), he’s got you.

No, when things don’t go as planned that does not mean that it is a bad morning. That only means that things are not going as planned.

When you believe, or agree, that it’s not a good morning, then you make it into a bad morning. You buy into the excuse that your lizard brain sold you (quite cheaply). He (or she) offered you a free pass to give up. To avoid doing what you needed to do most.

I crushed D, E, & F with relative quickness, but I couldn’t shake the lizard completely as I normally do.

He got a taste of my weakness and came back for more.

This is not a good morning,” he said. And then he started added all kinds of ways I could blame others for me not completing my work, for me not being able to focus, for me lashing out at people, for me quitting my job and ending up unemployed …

As ridiculous at that sounds, he’s powerfully distracting. The scenarios he conjures never come true, ever. But they can take you off of your game. I couldn’t seem to buckle down and make progress.

I resigned to crush him. I stopped to meditate for ten minutes.

That helped.

Then I got into the work.

No matter what, what is The One Thing that, by doing it right now, will make everything else easier, or unnecessary?

Sometimes it’s ‘kiss your wife’, sometimes it’s work on Project X. Either way, the focusing question helps you … focus. Thank you Gary.

Eventually, not long after that, he (my lizard brain) went away. He disappeared, into thin air, just like a ghost, without warning.

That’s how it goes. He can’t scream at you forever.

He can only continue when you feed him.

My lizard brain doesn’t challenge me like that very often anymore. He used to all the time, every day, all day long in fact. That was a long time ago.

You are stronger than him. (Even if you don’t know or feel that, yet.)

Actually, that’s what he is afraid of.

My lizard brain almost beat me yesterday.

Then he ran away, scared of the truth.

The truth is that I am stronger than him, and he has no real power anymore.

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