Fighting (and eating) Styles

If you watched UFC 1 back in 1993, then you remember that before Ultimate Fighting evolved into ‘MMA’ or, ‘mixed martial arts’, each featured fighter in that historic event had a distinct style.

Each one was a specialist, and expert in his modality of fighting. There was the boxer, the jiu-jitsu master, the wrestler, the karate black belt, the kickboxer, and so forth.

The clash of styles made for an amazing contrast and show.

Except, over time, that evolved rapidly into a scene where no one style was any longer preferred as superior over the others; while you might be an jiu-jitsu master, you must also at least have some training in other, contrasting areas, because you never know when you might have to switch styles, and throw a solid uppercut.

How you approach your own health, your own diet, exercise, and even mental health, is no different.

There is no one diet that works for everyone, and even when you do master one technique, and it is working well for you, you must always be open to the possibility that the needs of your body will change.

Every once in awhile, even for very healthy, stable, and balanced people, a break, boost, or change of style of eating or training is needed.

HT to Joel Greene for the analogy.

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