Building Your Routine

When you’re building up a stronger routine – any kind of routine; nutritional, exercise, spiritual, personal – you need to consider a few variables.

How ready, willing, and able are you to practice this next step?

For example, it sounds great to say that you’re going to go to the gym five times per week, but, if you do not have the actual hours carved into your schedule, plus the willingness to get up and go, then, you’re not going to make it happen.

How appropriate is this next step?

Is it as simple as possible? Sticking with the same example, if you’ve never been to a gym before, or never enjoyed the gym, or you’re not physically ready to take on lots of strain, perhaps an at-home flexibility program for ten minutes per day is more appropriate at first.

How well did you meet your expectations after the first week or two?

Constant assessment is necessary before you consider adding more to your routine. Be honest. If you did not add vegetables to most of your meals, and that was your plan, then why are you going to add more now?

With all of those things in mind, every few weeks, by taking appropriate steps, with honest feedback, you can build small practices on top of each other, one at at time, that lead up to big results.

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