Your Subconscious

Here is one possible way to think about your subconscious:

As a horizontal plane, it stretches out infinitely from your center, like the edge of the ocean as viewed from the beach, calm and still.

It contains within it the full details of everything you have ever experienced; every movie, school lesson, book, and song. Every happy moment, and every argument. Every feeling and sensation, both pleasurable and painful.

Your subconscious plays an active role in your daily life, even though you don’t feel it overtly. It influences everything you do. It speaks up and act out. It drives your behavior without you being consciously aware of all of this. (That’s what makes it the sub-conscious.)

If the majority of your experiences over time have been negative and painful, this will reflect back outwardly to the world through your conscious actions.

Your ‘ocean of being’ becomes rippled with waves of anger or sadness, making it more difficult for you to remember the truth, the stillness that existed before.

To remember that, underneath it all, no matter what you have experienced, you are not intrinsically angry, sad, or bad. You are an ocean of pure and infinite potential.

You can absorb any and all experiences that life throws at you, and overcome them.

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