Chew Your Food.

You chew every bite of food 30 times each, right?

I’ll be honest: I do not.

In fact, sometimes I eat so fast, I’m done before everyone else has had two bites. That’s how I grew up eating: very quickly, and mindlessly.

But you know, the best meals I’ve ever had, in fact the only ones I really remember, are the ones in which I paid attention to the food, and chewed slowly.

The more that I chew mindfully, the more I enjoy it. And every time I light a candle while I’m cooking, it’s a better experience.

I don’t expect you to chew each bite of food thirty times, or to count all the time.

But try counting a few times at dinner tonight, and see how many 30 chews really is. It’s a lot!

Chewing more mindfully is one of those often overlooked things that could be important for you.

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