The Relationship Mirror

I’ve been making steady progress with my strength and nutrition for the past ten years, or more.

But, if I can’t say the same thing for my key relationships, then, am I truly as healthy as I can be?

It’s like Paul Chek often says, paraphrased: “If you can squat 500 LBS, but you don’t talk with your wife, what good is all of that strength?”

Of course all relationships, personal and professional, come with challenges, just as food and exercise do.

It’s the challenges in relationships that you must embrace in order to grow. In fact, the universe presents them to you in the form of relationships specifically because that is what you need.

You might even say that, since you are in fact one with the universe, that you presented them to yourself.

A relationship is like a mirror. It reflects back at you exactly what you need to see.

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