Value and Time.

The other day I wrote about the benefits of removing your alarm clock.

Today I realized that there are benefits to removing your all of your clocks completely.

Now that, of course, won’t be practical. You do need to get to meetings on time. Clocks do serve an important function, mostly so that we can all coordinate things.

But, how often do you make decisions because of what time it is?

For example, should you eat?

Should you start this or that project?

Should you go to bed?

Clocks are an external source of information.

Your body has a much older, wiser gauge of its own.

It will tell you when you’re tired or hungry, if you listen.

And it will also tell you what is most important to do next.

Decisions about ‘what is important’ should be based on value, not time.

Finding ways to minimize how much you rely on clocks, and become less addicted to the habit of checking them, is most certainly possible and practical.

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