Voices of Reason

The world is falling apart, you’re right.

There’s a viral pandemic happening with no clear end in sight. Economic hardship is rampant, and it’s begetting serious ‘illnesses of despair’. There is no one ‘right’ answer for what to do with schools, and your power is probably out too.

Let’s take a minute to breathe and acknowledge that this is hard.

It is not the time to panic, however. It is the time to begin to repair what was already broken, long before March 15th. This is just the end result.

Let’s NOT go back to ‘the way things were’. That is what got us here. Let’s make it better.
There are many voices of reason out there. Here are a few that I like …

Dr. Michael Osterholm’s COVID 19 weekly podcast.

The Doctor’s Farmacy‘ with Dr. Mark Hyman, episode 105 with Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

Wellness Force Radio with Josh Trent, recent episodes with Catherine Arnston on immunity (335), Dr. Zach Bush on Humanity & COVID19 (345).

… and please, listen and be kind to each other. (edited)

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